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Coffee Organic Farm Tour : Cloud Forest Ecuador

Visit one of the best growers of Arabica organic coffee in Ecuador, right from the exotic highlands roasted in the middle of the world, here coffee is still grown in hands of small producers of one of the best quality aromatic cups of coffee in the world.

This Full Day Tour from Quito, can include the stop at the Middle of the World site and the Pululahua Crater, one of the only inhabited craters from active volcanoes in the World, amazing views!!

We will visit Urku Coffee Organic Farm, located in the heart of the Cloud Forest at 1,000 meters elevation, with stunning views of the valley of Rio Blanco, Urku means hill or mountain, this is a 2.5 hectares organic sustainable Arabica Coffee Farm where we will learn the harvesting, fermentation and drying process from the hands of the experts.

We will also visit a lovely waterfall, where we will enjoy a typical lunch, you can choose from a home-made fish, chicken or vegetarian option warm from the wood fire oven, unique unforgettable flavors!!

Price for Private tour: To be quoted upon request.

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