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About Us

Angela, Ecuadorian and Jamie, Canadian, our passion for travelling and discovering the world took us around Canada and the USA, and a road trip around Europe.

For us, our favorite vacation spot was always Ecuador, while living in Canada , every visit to our beloved Ecuador became a life time expedition, during each trip, we discovered new spectacular hidden places, meet new and interesting people, little by little we fell in love more with the Andean scenery, volcanoes, rainforest , waterfalls, flowers, beaches.

Our love for people brought us back to Ecuador, were we can share what we know about the wonders of this country with friends and travelers from around the world, this is our ultimate goal.

Our personalized, yet affordable service includes reliable and flexible schedules.

We would like to open our doors to the world, we are sure to make your trip a memorable one!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Jamie and Angela Hally

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