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Dental services with the best Professionals in the Nation.

Dr. Pablo Proaño F., D.D.S.

Dr Proano has been practicing dentistry for 25 years. He is is a graduate of Universidad Central of Ecuador and has a Doctorate degree from the University of Cologne in Germany.

Dr. Proaño has been teaching in the Postgraduate School of Oral Rehabilitation in the Universidad San Francisco de Quito for more than 12 years.

He is a well-known and respected dentist in his country.

We can offer you great options for long stays to accommodate your dental treatments, starting at $ 350 per month with private bathroom with WIFI and Cable TV. Great day tours for you to enjoy your vacations as well as getting a dental makeover, your savings will pay for your vacations.

Dental treatments and fillings - $ 60
Crowns - $ 340
Bridges per unit - $ 340
Root canal treatment per root - $ 140
Dental Implants - $ 1,200

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