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Tours to the "Exotic Ecuador Amazon Rainforest".

This ecosystem is home to more than 25,000 different species of plants, more than 500 species of tropical birds, fresh water dolphins, monkeys, anacondas, sloths, turtles, and jaguars.

Here the rivers, created by the melted snow from the Andes; flow to the mighty Amazon. This rainforest holds indigenous communities who will share with you their land and will teach you hunting, fishing and the use of medicinal plants.

Only four hours from Quito, driving through the valleys and over the highlands we will reach the area of Missahualli and Tena, arriving to this reserve which is free of tropical diseases, you will be able to see capuchin monkey roaming free in town, making mischief, you can walk through the jungle, go horseback riding, bird-watching, rafting, or go swimming at sandy shores on the rivers.

We also offer great programs to the Yasuni National Park.

Price for Private tour: To be quoted upon request.
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