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“Quilotoa Lake ”

During this tour, we will view some of the most dramatic breathtaking Andean scenery of the Ecuador highlands: The Avenue of The Volcanoes

We will pass by the peaceful indigenous villages of Tigua where you will visit the Gallery of the first painter of this unique Art, then we will drive through Zumbahua,   “Quilatoa “  a luminous turquoise water lake this volcano is  located at 4,000 meters high, (13,123 feet) part of the “Illinizas Ecological Reserve”

The reach mineral waters 400 meters below the rim where the sky gets reflected making it one of the most impressive sights of the nation, here is possible to hike down to the lake and rent a kayak, horses or donkeys are be available to give you a ride back up. 

*Optional activities:  Visit a local home of the indigenous home, friendly and warm smiles will welcome to witness their way of living and interact with them. 

On Thursdays, is the Big Day at the Saquisili Market, the largest in the central Ecuadorian Andes, baskets, fruits and vegetables, life stock and more, the other days we can visit the Pujili Market,  authentic and colorful indigenous market for local people.

Price p/person for Private Tour:
1 person: $180
2 or 3 people: $95
4 people: $80
5 people: $70 p/pax.
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