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Chocolate Tasting Tour:


Explore with us the land of the best cacao beans of the World the Fino de Aroma Ecuadorian native Single Origen Cacao beans visiting the Amazon Pacari Organic Farm”” for this Chocolate Experience from Tree to the Bar.

Pacari Chocolates, is considered the Best Chocolate Maker in the country and one of the Best in the World, it has won more than 128 awards including Gold Medals, they use Ecuadorian cacao beans and the best local ingredients; Pacari works on a small scale using carefully selected organic ingredients to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience.

Local native people will share with you all the secrets of our cacao beans and you will try the fruit in its natural stage, we will learn about the harvesting, fermentation and drying process, this entire community is an example of what Fair Trade and Sustainable Practices can do to improve the life of the local families through Education and training.

You will prepare your own chocolate doing the roasting and graining process with the experts, a piece of heaven in each bite.

This tour offers an extension of 2 days with great options like Water Rafting, Waterfall hikes and more.

Price for Private tour: To be quoted upon request.

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